The members of the Nor-Cal Keeshond Club, Inc. are people who own, love and are interested in the Keeshond (pronounced “kaze-hawnd”). We are dedicated to encouraging, protecting and promoting responsible ownership and breeding of purebred Keeshonden to bring their natural qualities to perfection.


The members of Nor-Cal reside mainly in Northern California, ranging from as far south as Pacific Grove to as far north as Red Bluff. Meetings are held at various members’ homes, parks, dog shows or restaurants throughout the area.



Nor-Cal holds General membership meetings every other month starting in January. The Board of Directors holds meetings in the alternate months. The meetings cover all Club business, there are sometimes informational programs, and we usually share a potluck meal. We stress both the doggy “business” and the “social” atmosphere.  Our members do not have to be breeders or dog show exhibitors to gain something from Club membership. After all, we’re all companion dog owners first and foremost! Nor-Cal puts on one or two AKC sanctioned Specialty Dog Shows a year for Keeshonden. Currently, the Specialty is held in August in conjunction with the Richmond Dog Fanciers of Dixon show weekend.

Nor-Cal members are active in Keeshond Rescue throughout our service area by finding, retrieving, caring for and placing lost or abandoned Keeshonden. While Rescue is not directly a part of the Club, several Club members who gladly perform this worthy humanitarian service year-round are supported by Club members when assistance is needed in their work.

Many Nor-Cal members are breeders. They are always willing to share their knowledge and experience with newcomers for the continuing improvement of the breed. Training and grooming advice is gladly given, along with encouragement for novices in conformation, obedience, agility, and Rally exhibiting.

Once a year our parent organization -- the Keeshond Club of America (KCA) -- holds a National Specialty Show for Keeshonden only. A local club hosts the event and once in a while, Nor-Cal will host and we need all members to participate in some capacity.



We encourage Nor-Cal members to be active in the Club. We welcome members who can add their special skills to our group by serving on committees, or by serving as an officer of the Club. We have a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, plus a Board of three members. Each officer serves one year. Any member who finishes a recognized title on their Keeshond during the previous year will be presented with an award by Nor-Cal at our Annual Awards Dinner.

Nor-Cal has a member represent the Club in the Sacramento Council of Dog Clubs. We have an editor for our Club newsletter, “Kee Korner”. We also have appointed committee chairs that oversee certain subjects throughout the year, such as trophies, hearts and flowers, membership, hospitality, etc. Other chairs have responsibility for a project until it is completed, such as the Specialty Show Chairperson.


We require Nor-Cal members to adhere to the KCA Code of Ethics, as well as urge them to follow the Breed Standard as closely as possible. We ask that members attend as many meetings as possible and participate in those meetings. The more ideas we have the better the Club will be! If possible, we ask that members volunteer to host a meeting occasionally (no more than once a year), so the meetings are not always in one area. We occasionally have fundraisers where both goods and time can be volunteered. We ask for participation in committee assignments to give all members a chance for dog-world experience. This will prepare members to serve as Club officers, if they wish.


We ask that you come to a minimum of one meeting so that you can evaluate the Club and decide if you really want to be an active member. It will also give the Club members a chance to say hello and answer your questions. Once you know you want to join, your contact in Nor-Cal can get you an application, or you can download it from our website at You will fill out the application, sign the Code of Ethics, obtain your Nor-Cal sponsor’s signatures, and send it to the membership chairperson shown on the application. Once approved, your name goes on the membership list and that’s when the fun, camaraderie and learning begin!

Established in 1962